We have recently launched a Steam Greenlight campaign for Max, an Autistic Journey. Developed by a devoted dad with his son who was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), this retro RPG sets to bring about awareness and understanding through gameplay.


In Max, an Autistic Journey, the player assumes the role of Max, a ten­year­old boy with autism who finds himself caught up in a complex world of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, challenges, and frustrations. As Max, the player must contend with a host of real world problems occurring in an alternate reality, problems that most of us barely acknowledge but that are all too imposing for autistic children. The world you explore in Max, an Autistic Journey is the world as seen through the eyes of an autistic child. Max, an Autistic Journey is a retro­style RPG that delivers an entertaining, imaginative, and enlightening entertainment experience.

There’s a great Q&A between Patrick Hickey Jr. of Review Fix and Max’s developer Stéphane Cantin you can read HERE.

If you have a Steam Account, please take a moment to go to the Greenlight page and vote YES. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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