Please be absolutely honest with your comments. It is with feedback like yours that helps us craft the game into the best version of itself that it can be.

What is your email?
How many games of CounterForces did you play?
How many of those games were 2 Player?
How many of those games were 3 Player?
How many were 4 Player?
After spending some time with CounterForces what is your overall impression of the game?
What did you enjoy most about CounterForces?
Was there anything about CounterForces you did not like or felt needed improvement?
Did you find that the Quick Start Manual adequately explained how to set-up and play CounterForces?
If not, what specifically did you find missing or need elaboration?
Did you find the Icons and Information on the Unit Tokens easy to understand? If not, what did you find issues with?
Did you find the Base and POW Placards helpful and easy to understand?
What were your thoughts on CounterForce's game board?
Did you find that the full manual fully spelled out the game, gave insight, and was easy to navigate and understand? If not, what specific issues did you find?
Overall, what was your general impression of the art (box, tokens, manual, etc)?
Last Question!
In its current state, do you feel like the game is ready for production?
Is there anything we did not ask about that you would like to comment on? Let us know!
How much would you pay for CounterForces?
(not required, but would be appreciated)

Are you familiar with crowd funding sites like Kickstarter and Indie GoGo?
If so, have you ever backed a board game on them?
Would you consider backing CounterForces if we ran a crowd funding campaign?

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