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Professional Imagination
Based in Canada
Platforms: Windows PC
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Max, an Autistic Journey is a retro style top-down turn-based RPG filled with mini games, monsters and most of all, heart. Developed by Stéphane Cantin, who is just a devoted dad who made a game with his son about his son’s autism.

There are few greater inspirations in life than one’s love of their child. Max, an Autistic Journey is Stéphane’s inspired interactive love letter about his son Max who was born with autism. While there is a wide spectrum of autism, this game focuses on Max, where he falls in that spectrum and how he experiences and deals with daily life.

During the game player’s step into the shoes of Max, a ten year old boy who must find ways to deal with everyday life while being diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Many players will discover a world familiar but alien to them. Some may relate to Max’s story all too well. Regardless where you fall in the spectrum of life, Max, an Autistic Journey delivers an entertaining, imaginative and informative trip worth taking.

This retro-inspired RPG gives players not only a unique gaming experience, but an insight into a world many people have never seen. While the visualization of the beasts may be fantasy, the emotions and frustrations they represent are very real for a lot of people.

Available Now! SRP: $5.99
Steam Store Page:

Max, an Autistic Journey – MAX’S BIRTHDAY DLC will be available just in time to celebrate Autism Awareness Day. In this DLC players spend a day with Max as he excitedly wakes up eager to celebrate his birthday. Explore a dream castle, rush through traffic across town and meet up with Max’s friends for his big day. Steam Store Page:


  • Classic turn-based battle system featuring clever weapons and special abilities to confront monstrous manifestations of emotions and anxieties
  • Gain experience points through imaginary toy battles and by confronting your fears and anxieties to level up
  • Core retro RPG mechanics infused with multiple Mini Games such as picture puzzles, race cars and making music
  • Endearing tale of trials and tribulations from an unique perspective that inspires, educates and entertains as the story unfolds
  • Full Mouse & Keyboard and Full Controller Support
  • Steam Achievements, Cloud Saves & Trading Cards

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Max, an Autistic Journey are going to the Miriam Foundation, a charitable organization that helps people with autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disabilities lead fulfilling lives. To learn more about the amazing work they do please check out their website at:

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The Developer

Professional Imagination is an independent multi-media development company created, owned, and operated by Stéphane Cantin B. Ed., a teacher and devoted father of two wonderful boys, one of which was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of five. Max, an Autistic Journey is the first commercial game developed by Professional Imagination as a labor of love and a means of raising awareness, tolerance and acceptance about ASD.
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