Prepping for Launch!

This is it! This week we will officially be launching and everyone will be able to come and get in on the fun we’ve known awhile now. But, don’t take our word for it! These kids in the pic were in some of our initial focus groups. Even tho they had played the game many times before, when they got a copy of the final decks they immediately sat down, on their own accord, and started playing again. Thanks to their dad for sharing the photo!

We hope everyone has the same kind of excitement when getting their first copy of the game. It’s a bit daunting putting our first baby out there on the market, but we’re proud of the game and almost beyond ourselves with anticipation. Our current target date is 11/3/2015 – one year before the next presidential election. Not initially planned that way, but a welcomed, purely cosmic coincidence.

See you on launch day!

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