You may have noticed that some new Header and Footer links have appeared here on “Projects” has been split into CARD/BOARD GAMES and VIDEO GAMES for some very exciting reasons. In addition to having WAR for the White House available and CounterForces in development both as physical card and board games and as Play WAR for the White House ONLINE via Tabletopia, GPAC is now publishing games via digital distribution!

If you’ve been following GPAC on Twitter you know that the big news is finally out of the bag – we have been working with Mechanical Monocle to publish their upcoming RTS, Fractured State, on Steam Early Access and other major digital distribution channels.


Fractured State refines the RTS genre into fast-paced strategic urban combat where the machine driven faction of the Laperian Imperial Army battle to remain in control against the Children of the Ancients, worshipers and masters of an ancient power. Choose a side then vie for control of each territory where taking over new buildings gives tactical advantage, provides the ability to recruit more specialized units and army wide bonuses, as well as impart overall dominance of the area.

Doing away with overly complex micromanagement and mass resource gathering, Fractured State focuses on battle strategies in an urban environment where the only real resources you must manage are your troops and time as each specialized unit requires a specific amount of time to prepare and enter the fray.

Find out more details on Fractured State HERE.

Are you a lone developer or part of a small indie dev team looking for some publishing assistance? GPAC, LLC has launched a Digital Publishing initiative and we are looking for new games! If you would like to submit your title to us for publishing consideration just email us at To learn more how we could work together, check out this PDF: GPAC Digital Publishing.

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