Getting Set-up on Tabletopia!

We’ve been excited about Tabletopia ever since we caught wind of it’s original Kickstarter. Now that we have spent a couple weeks now getting WAR for the White House set-up on their system we are even more excited! It is hard to relate just how cool it is to see these virtual cards that you can pick up, flip over and drag around the screen.


Tabletopia really is shaping up to be a game changer for board game enthusiast around the world. While sitting face to face is always the greatest way to play, being able to play against friends and family out of town and out of state is amazing.

Stay tuned as we are working day and night to get all the tables designed, set-up and ready for the world to play. Till then, we are inviting fans and followers of GPAC to feel free to hop on one of our test rooms and challenge us to a game if you see us in there. Or, send an invite out to a friend! Everything is fluid right now as we test and implement everything so things are likely to change from day to day. If you are having any issues with getting logging or are encountering issues that hinder your playing be sure to let us know so we can get them addressed (some times it might be something on their end and not ours, but we’ll look into it regardless).

Keep checking back here, on Facebook and on Twitter as we’ve got a lot of logs on the fire and will be announcing lots of new stuff over the coming weeks. Look out 2016, GPAC is coming after ya! New games, new events, new website content, new items to buy on and more!

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