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Big thanks to Bob Belcher and Michael Kormos at the Corsicana Daily Sun for taking the time to chat with me about WAR for the White House and printing the article in the paper and posting it online! The support is much appreciated! Below is an excerpt from the write-up with a link to the full article below.


By Michael Kormos

As voters gear up for an election year it’s hard to ignore the issues presented in the media today. Education, family values, and terrorism are hot-button topics that dominate the debates.

Corsicana native John Kaiser III and business partner John Douglas were inspired by the media debacle the political arena has become and have taken a shot at the presidency themselves.

Their newly released card game War for the White House blends topical humor, edgy content and biting satire into a fun, addictive and easy to learn format. The product is the first offering of the Game Producers, Artists & Consultants game company based in Corsicana.

GPAC president, Kaiser, is a 17-year video game industry veteran who got his start with Tradewest games, which became Williams Entertainment, then Midway.

“When I started at Midway I was part of the ragtag bunch in Tech Support who answered phone calls about popular games like Mortal Kombat, DOOM and NFL Blitz,” Kaiser said. “This was back before the Internet was a way of life so people would call when they were stuck in a level or wanting secret codes, or sometimes just when they were bored and wanted someone to talk to.”

Kaiser and Douglas, had previously worked together an a series of animation projects and both had a background in the gaming industry.

“Last election we started putting together a concept for a mobile phone game with a political warfare theme,” Kaiser said. “Due to development time and restrictions we ended up scrapping the project as it just wouldn’t be completed in time. Come this election John got a seedling for an idea taking the basic “political warfare” concept from before and turning it into a fast paced card game which became War for the White House.”

You can read the full article here: “Kaiser Brings Game Production Back to Corsicana”

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