While we work behind the scenes on top secret projects we like to jump in game jams from time to time. You’ll note we have a penchant for old-school asthetics. Hey, we do what we love! We don’t always have time to finish them, but we like to get something playable and, hopefully, fun out in time.

Water Flare’s 7 day Minimalistic Jam 3 2018

It’s Blue Vs. Red, Round Vs. Square, Dude Vs. Blockhead in this old-school style platformer with modern physics.
Play as Dude Blue as you roll and jump around each level plowing through every Blockhead you can find on your way to the warp gate.

Xavier Ekkele’s 12 day Movie Game Jam 2018

Babs & Tammy (Tams) travel through time in their magical phone booth visiting personages of historical significance adventuring for knowledge, understanding and excellence.
Unfortunately on their last trip all the historic figures fell out of their booth so Babs & Tams must traverse the circuits of time collecting all their once passengers before they are lost in time forever.

IndieCade’s 9 day Resist Jam 2017

Grab your videocamera, break into the compound, rescue the downtrodden and expose the authoritarian oppressors….
RISE UP is an arcade style game created for #ResistJam where players must navigate the playfield to rescue all the downtrodden while avoiding the oppressors out to stop you.

Retroshark’s 10 day GBJAM5 2016

Jump in your starship and take on an endless swarm of aliens looking to infest the cosmos. You’ve got 3 Ships and an endless supply of plasma shots to see how many you can take out.
You cannot stop the infestation, but you can slow it down in hopes of giving your people enough time to prepare…