Back to the Drawing Board!

If you have been following INFEST:STATION Endless Swarm EX on Steam Greenlight, you may have noticed it is no longer listed. As the old adage goes, “the best laid plans of mice and men”, we have realized we jumped onto Steam Greenlight before the game was truly ready to be introduced beyond the game jam that spawned it. The original reason was to hope to draw some of the attention from the jam over to the greenlight for added exposure. If anyone reading this has ever submitted a game on Greenlight you know getting exposure above the waves of games that appear is not easy.


So where do we go from here? Back to the drawing board! Gone now are the restraints of the jam and we’re taking time to rethink and restructure our plans. See, before the jam, initial designs were started for a sci-fi action/platformer. My mind was already exploring these alien concepts when the GBJAM came along so I played in that universe and started creating a level-based shump with boss fights I was calling INFEST:STATION. As reality set in and the clock ticked on, I realized I needed to scale back the scope to meet the jam’s deadlines. Thus, INFEST:STATION Endless Swarm was born.

Now, as you can see from the rename, INFEST:Swarm in the new logo concept above, I am rebuilding this universe from the ground up. The Greenlight page is gone for now but we will relaunch it at a later date with a proper trailer and clearer vision. If you are not already following us on Twitter @GPACgames and on FACEBOOK please do so now so that you can stay up to date on INFEST:Swarm, the rest of the “INFEST” Universe, as well as all our other projects.

Big THANK YOU to those who have supported this project this far! You can always play the gbjam version INFEST:STATION Endless Swarm if you need a quick pick-up-and-play shump to kill some time while another game is loading 😉

And like INFEST:Swarm, CounterForces is undergoing some new tinkering as well thanks to some new inspired ideas have lead to other new ideas, and well… back to the drawing board ;). Stay tuned for updates!!!

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