Are you ready to Rise Up?


Late last night I was finally able to confidently upload a playable build of Rise Up to for the #ResistJam hosted by Indiecade, the IGDA, Devolver Digital, Global Game Jam and Raw Fury. It wasn’t till the final few hours when the game was working from beginning to end, but alas it all came together to be a fun little arcadey title great for quick pick-up-and-play sessions.

Grab Rise Up for WinPC here:


One of the stressful, yet satisfyingly fun, aspects of doing these jams is seeing how your original idea morphs as the deadline fast approaches. Originally, Rise Up was intended to have multiple screens, gameplay directly involving the camera, and have a bit of a more slower paced strategy feel. The first design alteration made was enemy movement. Originally, the idea was more strategic. The enemy would move and multiply with every step the player took.
Another of the first design aspects to hit the cutting room floor were the multiple rooms. Soon after that was the concept I wanted to do where you had to actively shoot footage of the opressors, which would make them stop in their tracks.

Time is a harsh mistress, so you whittle down and whittle down until you have a working core concept.


When I first tested the enemy spawner I noticed it looked like they kinda leaped out of their ruler’s mouth. When I lowered their speed, that effect went away, so I left them faster to retain that little effect. Then the player’s speed had to be upped to be competitive against the speedy aggressors. This changed the game drastically from the more strategic original idea to being fun, frantic and fast-paced and I ran with it.

So there you go. A little insight into what went into Rise Up. I hope you take a moment to go check it out. If you like it, let us know and share the link with your friends!

Again, you can grab the game here:
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