About Us

Game Producers, Artists & Consultants, LLC (GPAC) is a card & board game company co-founded and operated by John T. Douglas and John F. Kaiser III, seasoned, talented, and dedicated professionals possessing over four decades of collective experience conceiving, creating, and producing innovative entertainment properties.

About the Co-Founders

John T. Douglas

John T. Douglas spent years as a senior game consultant for Blockbuster, Hollywood Video and GameStop and worked with many major video game publishers during that time. He brought his gaming sense to the board game scene where he designed G. Gordon Liddy’s Hardball Politics ’96, Adevntures in Odyssey: Imagination Station, The Lost Mountain of God, Omega Expedition, Pyramid Scheme: Legend of the Pharohs and the best selling VeggieTales Puzzler.

Douglas also comes from a successful background in the music industry as a singer-songwriter where he regularly performed on television and radio programs in San Diego, captivating audiences with his unique blend of country and rock music. Douglas also appeared as an opening act in benefit shows at convention centers and sports arenas in San Diego, Long Beach and Los Angeles for performers such as Edgar Bergen, Jerry Van Dyke and Frank Sinatra Jr. This passion lead to him writing music and songs for his award winning children’s animation series Sara and the Starfish and Starfish Cove as well as one of the scores featured in WAR for the White House Online and the catchy and powerful tune Buy American featured on GPAC’s YouTube Channel.

John F. Kaiser III

John F. Kaiser III has been in the video game industry for 20 years where he’s held titles such as Producer, Creative Director and PR & Marketing Manager for companies Midway Home Entertainment, SouthPeak Games and Digital Tribe. During that time he worked on many game concept pitches, design doc creations, managed dev teams, and was producer on some cult favorites such as Dementium II and Big Bang Mini for the Nintendo DS as well as the highly rated PC/Mac indie puzzle platformer Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube and rogue-like indie horror game Depths of Fear::Knossos.

Previously, Douglas and Kaiser had teamed up to develop and produce a series of children’s animated movies which resulted in the award winning Sara and the Starfish and its award winning spin-off series Starfish Cove.


These two brought their talents together again to form GPAC where they launched the company with their first game WAR for the White House, an easy to learn fast-paced game of political warfare. With WAR for the White House manufactured and available for sale Douglas and Kaiser have been busy developing a number of new concepts and growing the scope of the company. To this end they are also working to bring the animated properties of the Sara and the Starfish series under GPAC to develop more episodes of Starfish Cove and design new games based on these properties.

WAR For The White House was just the beginning of a series of games currently in development by GPAC designed to captivate, challenge, and entertain game players of all ages. For more information on this and other GPAC titles be sure to this site and follow our journey on Social Media.
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