A Vote You can Get Behind! Fractured State on Greenlight.

One of the hurdles of being a “new kid on the block” is having to jump through the hurdles that more established companies do not have to. As such, Fractured State, the Urban Combat RTS being developed by guys who known the RTS scene, are having to go through the ringer to earn the “right” to sell on Steam.

We will not wax poetic about our thoughts on the Greenlight process here. It exists, it is a thing that must be overcome, and as such we NEED YOUR VOTES! So if you are reading this and you have a Steam account, please, take 2 minutes and go check out the game on Steam Greenlight.

Go show your support by not only voting YES, but by sharing the link with your friends and urging them to do so as well. I can tell you first hand this is a unique take on the RTS genre and breaths new life into the genre. From the concept, to the art, to the gameplay, Fractured State will deliver.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and even more so if you took the time to help us through the Greenlight process. It truly means a lot. Thank you. And as a Thank You, just for you, here is some concept art.

CotA-FistoftheAncients CtoA-Warden factory interior


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